Full Stack Coding Bootcamp

Building a full stack app is not an easy task, That’s why we’re here to help. Join the 2 month part time Coding Bootcamp, built by professional practitioners.

The workshops are designed to be the kind that we’re passionate about, mainly Full Stack JavaScript, since that’s where the market is going. This coding bootcamp is designed for the working professional and student. All sessions and material will be delivered after hours, on weekends and remotely.

This bootcamp will focus on five main areas: In-Person Training On Core Topics Mentorship, and Office Hours sessions Remote Online Learning & Blended Learning With Follow Up Project Based With Real World Capstone Assignment App Open Coding & Pair Programming Sessions.

The bootcamp will take place at the AstroLabs Dubai Coworking Space. This program focuses on modern technologies used by full stack developers that include: Domains, Hosting, Basics of WordPress, HTML, CSS (including Flexbox & CSS Grid), Atomic Design Principles, How To Build an MVP (Minimum Viable Prototype), JavaScript (basic algorithms), Node JS , MongoDB, Mongoose, Webpack, Git, React JS and even the basics of React Native (to build hybrid mobile apps)

The AstroLabs Dubai Coding Bootcamp will take place on Monday & Wednesday evenings (from 6:30-9pm), and Saturday (10am -4pm) from March 6, 2019 until April 27, 2019.